Gelatti Strain



Gelatti Strain

Gelatti Cookies is one of the new strains from berner and his team. Other’s include the lpc 75, pink rosay, snowman cookies to name a few. Though a Cookies secret, it is said to be got by crossing gelato and biscotti strain. The proportions have not yet been disclosed. Gelatti is mostly grown in California with minute quantities grown in Florida and Atlanta .Buy Gelatti strain online.

The Gelatti Strain

Most people who have tried Gelatti cookies before say it has smell similar to menthol but leaves a gelato taste in the mouth. The Gelatti strain is perfect for a hybrid lover. The Gelatti strain is on of the first strains designed the Cookies Brand .This cookies strain is currently gaining popularity now more than ever due to the high demand of the exotic market. The THC content falls within the range of 20- 23% bringing about an intense high . The cookies family has been on a role over the past couple of years with magnificent geneticĀ  taking over all of California with most of its competition coming from the Lemmonade and backpackboy fams.

Effects of Gelatti Cookies

The exceptional taste and amazing high made Gelato Cookies one of the most loved strains from Cookies fam with cannabis fans around the world. A lot of users have said that it led to a mind engaging and finally full body high that quickly loosens you. As the high wears off, you are left with an increased appetite. This makes it perfect for those suffering from nausea or lack of appetite. It is also perfect for treating conditions such as ADD or ADDHD. Looking for the best exotic flavors on the west coast , the Gelatti strain is right up there amongst the best .

Where to Buy Gelatti Cookies

A lot of dispensaries in California and the U.S claim to sell authentic cookies weed such as gelatti cookies. A lot of this are fake. We recommend you buy cookies weed from licensed cookies dispensaries such as ourselves. Only then can you be sure of quality.


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