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Ocean Beach strain is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. Ocean Beach has a sweet flavor profile that smells like sweet fruit tart. The flavor is similar, but with deep hints of kush. Smoking this strain will give you an instantaneous head high that is followed by a relaxing body high.

Ocean Beach buds are covered in thick, frosty trichomes that (almost) resemble a white, sandy beach. The buds feature bright green patches and vivid orange hairs. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain for relieving symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.

Similar to other cookies strains such as London Pound Cake Cookies, Snowman strain, pink rozay strain to name a few. Ocean beach strain has a sweet fruit tart flavor and a full body high that is guaranteed to leave you passed out on the couch.

  • Ocean Beach Strain

The origin of this strain like many others from the cookies Fam remains a mystery. A lot of people think it is a derived from a mix of an unknown strain and the famed OG Kush strain.

This strain is perfect for a lazy day as it will knock you of your feet and keep you relaxed. It also inspires creativity and is perfect for artistic people.


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